Last Minute Gift Guide For Everyone

Have you just had the realisation that Christmas is just around the corner? I’ve been super organised this year, but have had that sudden panic every year previously. Someone you’ve forgotten or you just can’t decide what to get and before you know it, you’ve left it too late. There’s no time to order online and you’re left with battling a jam packed high street, wandering aimlessly without a plan…yes, I know that feeling well!

Well, if that’s all sounding far too familiar, here’s my last minute gift guide that tries to cover everyone I can think of…so you can go directly from shop to shop, knowing exactly what you’re looking for! You won’t always find the same shops on every high street, but I’m hoping this will get you going in the right direction at the very least.

Let’s go…

Mum – Lush Spa Gift Set from Lush £29.95

Lush Spa Gift Commerce

I love this gift set from Lush, it’s a great one for mum’s as it includes products to help you relax, unwind and pamper. Just what every mum needs!

Dad – Black Faux Fur Lined Moccasin Slippers from Debenhams £25.00

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 20.45.41

Who doesn’t love a nice cosy pair of slippers? Okay so it may not be the most exciting gift, but it’s sure to be useful and this lovely fur-lined pair from Debenhams are sure to impress.

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Unique Christmas Gift Guide For Grandparents

Ok so grandparents is a tricky one. What on earth do you buy the people that have been there, seen it all, got everything? Well, I think I’ve cracked it with some of the lovely gift ideas below.


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Unique Christmas Gift Guide For Kids

One of my favourites! It’s so easy to buy kids boxes and boxes full of plastic…they’re everywhere, usually cheap, and advertised all over the telly box so the kids are going mental months before Santa is even due to make an appearance. I’m not saying don’t buy them that barbie doll or the talking dog that they really want…but there are so many beautifully crafted, imaginative and fun things for children now from independent shops and designer-makers that it would be a crime not to throw in some of these gorgeous finds…


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Unique Christmas Gift Guide For Women

It’s hard to pick just six things for this one, there’s so many lovely, unique and handcrafted gift ideas I could offer up for the lovely ladies in your life, but I tried to be restrained and picked six of my favourites. From beauty bits, to jewellery, to clothes, accessories and bits for the home, there should be something for everyone amongst this little list.


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Unique Christmas Gift Guide For Men

I love buying presents for people, searching out the perfect gift that you think someone will love. It’s sometimes a challenge though, to sift through all the mass-produced same-old-same stuff that can be found everywhere and find the really unique, local, handcrafted gifts that are much more special.

I’ll be putting together little gift guides in the next few days to help inspire you. Today I’m dealing with those pesky men-folk, which are always hardest to buy for I find. I’ve picked out a selection of some of my favourite gift ideas to help get you started with you festive shopping…


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Could You Quit The Internet?

I recently read this article on Paul Miller, a technology writer for The Verge, who decided enough was enough and quit the internet for a whole year.

And it got me to thinking, could I ever do the same? Would I survive without this blessed thing that is the world wide web? But only for a second until I realised that no, of course I couldn’t, my livelihood depends on it. How silly.

Watching Paul’s little film, looking back over his 12 internet-less months, did however make me wonder how much good and bad we all get out of the internet and how that affects our wellbeing and happiness.

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Ox Pasture Hall Country House Hotel, Yorkshire

I was approached a while back by Ox Pasture Hall Country House Hotel in Yorkshire who invited us to stay at their hotel and write a review. Sadly we couldn’t accept as it’s a long old drive for us, but my brother-in-law and his girlfriend, Matt and Sara, were more than happy to take our place. So last weekend off they went to Scarborough and here’s what they had to say about their stay…

Ox Pasture Hall 1492 (2) new

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Our Sicilian Adventure: Back Home

It’s weird how being away, even if you’re having an amazing time, can make you appreciate the place you call home so much more.

I love to travel (well actually, I don’t travel well at all, but I love visiting new places and exploring so I’ll say I love to travel) but always before I leave for a trip, no matter how excited I am to be going wherever it is we’re going, I feel a tinge of sadness for leaving our lovely home.


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Our Sicilian Adventure: Sicily, We Love You!

The locals here are so friendly. I’m not a particularly ‘well travelled’ person, but I’ve been around and can honestly say I’ve never been anywhere with such friendly and welcoming locals.


We walked through the bustling daily market in Ortigia again the other day. Stalls upon stalls overflowing with fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, sundried tomatoes, cheese and pistachios. Oh and lots and lots of prickly pears. I’ve never seen so many! In fact on one stall that’s all they actually sell. Looking back it almost seems a crime not to have bought any.

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