Allthecooks Recipes App – The Facebook of Home Cooks

I was recently sent information on a new free unique cooking community app, Allthecooks. I usually pass over these sorts of things but this one sounded interesting, so I thought I’d find out more about it.

If you’re not into cooking then this probably won’t be for you, but if you’re a massive food-lover and home cook like me, this will be right up your street. The clever app allows you to share your own recipes and learn from the rest of the community.

It basically works just like Facebook but instead of updating your status with words, you update it with pictures of your dishes. Hello food porn!

I like the idea of being able to see what others are cooking, get inspiration, and take notes from experts, as well as seeing who has tried replicating my own dishes. Plus I love that you can type in ingredients and the app will suggest dishes you can make with them. I’m always struggling to come up with new ideas for what to cook so this sounds great!

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The Perfect Sofa Bed

We’ve all been there, the futon that feels like you may as well be sleeping on the wooden slats themselves. Ouch! The ugly looking sofa bed that you either try to hide away in a spare bedroom, or disguise with an array of colourful throws in your living room.


When we first moved into our house, we bought a pretty decent looking sofa bed second hand. I can’t remember where we found it from now, but we didn’t actually see it until we went to pick it up. It was huge. We could barely get it back to our house and through the front door, but once we did, it looked even bigger.

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Friday Fashion Lust List

Happy Friday everyone! This week’s Friday Fashion Lust list consists of coats, cardigans and lumberjack shirts. I love the longline look of these and the styling of each is really casual cool. I’m a big fan of the effortless look, even if it took you an hour to put together (nobody needs to know..).


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My Week Around The Web

This week has been exhausting, we’ve been busy preparing for our open house, which was held yesterday. I’m glad it’s over but nervous to hear feedback and see whether we get any offers. We’ve both been feeling pretty drained and disheartened with our own search for the right home, so I’m hoping things start to pick up a bit so we can find the right place for us.


Anyway, all this hasn’t stopped me finding weird and wonderful things over the week, so here’s my favourite picks from around the web…

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Be Your Own Boss Series: Hannah Gale

Well, it’s sadly the last in the series this week. I’ve really enjoyed creating this and I really hope you’ve all loved getting an insight into all these lovely people’s work life. I hope it’s also inspired some of you to consider starting your own business, going freelance or just turning your hand to something you love.

So last but by no means least, I’d like you all to say a big shiny happy hello to Hannah Gale who’s going to tell you all about her journey into self employment, so here’s Hannah…


What do you do for a living?
I work full-time as a blogger and have done so for a few months now – I previously worked as a journalist for places including Metro, LOOK and Marie Claire. I still do the odd bit of freelancing, but everything is done from the comfort of my home, mostly in pyjamas.

How did your career path evolve to now?
I started my blog back in March 2014 and it took off pretty quickly – was featured on the and was shared hundreds of thousands of times. Over the past six months my following has quickly grown and i’ve joined Handpicked Media which means I now have advertising on my site. I don’t make quite as much as I did when I worked the 9-5 in London, but I also no longer have to live in London for my job, so it works out that I pretty much have the same disposable income as I did before.

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Be My Valentine…

The day supposedly dreaded by all singletons (does anyone really care about this day?) is nearly upon us, so I thought I’d throw some of my favourite valentines gift ideas together for you all.


‘My Side Your Side’ Pillowcases from Notonthehighstreet

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My Week Around The Web

Sunday already? Whaa. I hope you all had a productive week and have enjoyed the weekend. We’ve been full of sniffles here so our weekend has consisted of feeling sorry for ourselves, wrapping up and binge-watching series on Netflix.

Here are some of my favourite links from around the web that I’ve come across this past week…

This great tutorial on how to perfect those pesky brows from the lovely Vicky.


Too much jogging as bad as no exercise at all (I knew there was a reason I didn’t jog…)

Some awesome Instagrammers you should all follow now

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Friday Fashion Lust List

The new year and my aim to avoid all things ASOS hasn’t quite worked out. I haven’t been able to stop myself browsing the sales and looking at the new collections being added each week.

So far I’ve restrained myself from ordering anything, and instead have been growing my ‘Saved Items’ list quite nicely. I thought I’d share my favourite picks with you guys in the hopes that they will sell out and I can avoid placing an order for a little longer, and hopefully grow my piggy bank, not my wardrobe.


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